The Bite App - Order Online!

The GET APP allows you to view your meal plan balance for meal swipes, Neumann points, and bonus points. 

The BITE App allows you to order Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner and will be ready for pick up from the designated dining location.

Here's how to get started: 

1. Download the GET App 

2. Scroll until you find Neumann University and sign in with your school email address and password

3. Download the Bite App (Search bite by sodexo in the app store. Note: It is the Blue B with Orange U)

4. Register within the Bite App and create a Username and Password

5. To activate your campus card - click activate campus card or go to the pay tab in the Bite App and link your account to your school by clicking on activate campus card (it will direct you to the GET App login, the login that you used in Step 1)

6. Your card will automatically link and you are now set up for online ordering and contact-less payments in the dining locations.

How to place an order on the Bite App

1. Open the Bite App and go to the order tab

2. Choose the menu you wish to order from

3. Add items to your cart and checkout by choosing the payment option of meal, Neumann Points or Bonus Points

4. Pickup your order at the designated bite pickup counters

Steps to use the Bite APP for contact-less payment at the dining locations

1. Open the Bite App

2. Click on the pay tab

3. Click show to pay 

4. A QR code will pop up and you will scan it at the machine at the register