You can swipe your ID card and use your Block Meals at Bruder Dining Center or through the "Meal Exchange" program in Knight's Café.

Meal exchange can be used at Knight's Café' from 10:00am-11:00am as well as from 2:00pm-5:00pm.

There is a menu of selected items eligible for the "Meal Exchange" program posted in the café that you can choose from. Once you select your items from the menu of eligible items, head to the cashier to check-out and just let them know you want to "use a meal" when you swipe your card.

Bruder Dining Center, Knight's Café, or twelve at the RAB accept Dining Dollars. They work like cash in these locations. Just tell the cashier "use my Dining Dollars" when you check-out. Since Dining Dollars expire at the end of the academic year, use them before you use your Neumann Points.
Neumann Points are accepted in campus vending machines, at the Knight's Shoppe Campus Bookstore, and at several vendors off-campus. In addition, they will soon be accepted at the Sora Luna Lounge in Flynn Hall once that student-run café opens for business. Neumann Points never expire and rollover from year to year. Unused balances can be refunded upon graduation or departure from Neumann.
Use your Block meals before the end of each semester. Block Meals expire upon the conclusion of exam-week at the end of each semester.
Use your Dining Dollars throughout the semester. Unused balances from the Fall Semester rollover to be used in the Spring Semester. However, all unused Dining Dollar balances at the conclusion of the spring semester will expire. Unlike Neumann Points which never expire, it's recommended that you use your Dining Dollars fully each semester.
Neumann Points never expire and rollover from year to year. Unused balances can be refunded upon graduation or departure from Neumann.
Students are encouraged to budget their meals appropriately throughout the semester. Block Meals do not rollover from semester to semester. The pricing for Block Meal plans is based upon usage for a specific semester. In large part, this is so that we can accurately plan menus, food purchasing, and staffing of our dining locations to best serve our students.
All residential students are required to maintain a meal plan (either a Resident Block Plan or an Apartment Plan, based upon their housing accommodation). Resident students select their meal plan choice during room selection. If you are a student who is not automatically enrolled in a meal plan, you can purchase a meal plan by contacting the Business Office during regular business hours in 104 Bachmann Main Building.
Meal plan adjustments can only be made within the first two weeks of the semester. You can change your meal plan selection by completing the Meal Plan Change Form through the Business Office.
All residential students must maintain a meal plan each semester they reside in campus housing. Only first-year commuting and first-year commuting transfer students need to maintain a Commuter Meal Plan during their first two semesters at Neumann.
All first-year commuter and transfer students are required to enroll in a meal plan during their first year at Neumann.
Our trained culinary staff take seriously dietary needs and restrictions of our community. Reach out directly to the our general manager, Rita Webster at or our campus dietitian, Lin Roberts at to learn how your food allergies or dietary restrictions can be accommodated while at Neumann University.
All requests for meal plan exemption can be communicated to Dr. Chris Huag, Vice President for Student Affairs, at
Join Culinary Council! Culinary Council is made up of a group of 10-15 students who meet monthly over a meal to learn about new initiatives and programs underway in dining and provide their feedback on what they love or what they want changed. In addition, Culinary Council members take on secret-shopper assignments between meetings where they provide feedback to our Dining Services team in order to improve the student experience across all our dining locations. They are among first students to taste new products and to hear what's new in dining. Please contact Dr. Haug, Vice President for Student Affairs, at to learn more about how you can join Culinary Council.
Parents can always reach out to Neumann via email at with any questions throughout the year.